Operation Go Home


Operation Go Home (Winnipeg) now operates as Resource Assistance For Youth. www.RaYinc.ca

Please visit the RaY Inc. website for assistance where you will find support information, contacts, and phone numbers.

This website is only for historical information, not current information.


The late Reverend Norman Johnston started Operation Go Home in 1971 in Ottawa. On his own initiative, Reverend Johnston began working with the area police forces, courts, and the "street people" to reunite hundreds of youth with their families. He contacted young runaways on the streets and helped them to return home.
A volunteer Board of Directors adopted Reverend Johnston's tireless efforts in l985 and Reverend Sterling Irvine became the director of the program. Office space was obtained and volunteer workers joined the staff. Reverend Irvine continued to meet with street youth and acted as a liaison with parents to try and effect reconciliations.
In 1990, the Ottawa Chapter of Operation Go Home elected a committee to investigate forming a National Organization. National Operation Go Home was launched in September, 1990. Gradually more offices have been opened across the country: Toronto in 1992; Winnipeg in l994; Vancouver in 2000; and, also in Halifax at about the same time.
The offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Halifax closed when their funders gradually pulled back citing duplication of effort.
The Manitoba government suggested that OGH Winnipeg and Power House merge, creating a stronger, larger organization that went on to become Resource Assistance for Youth Inc. or 'RaY' for short.


"To reunite runaway youth eighteen and under with their families; or if that is not in their best interest, then connect them with an existing agency that can best help them meet their needs."


"If you can't call home, call us."